Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This-is-Madness! Saudi ban on blogs!

This is absoloutely ridiculous!

''Starting next month, a new law will be enforced by the Saudi Arabian government that will force all online bloggers and e-newspapers to register with the Ministry of Culture and Information.''

I get it...  Saudi is very very very tough on censorship and they pretty much want to know everything that goes on in their country, and make sure that none of the citizens of Saudi says anything with a negative spin.

But what about their Netizens?

Check this out, people who fall under a combanition/any of these catogories have to register for a 3 year LICENCE TO BLOG (or e-newletter =p )

Here are the categories:
  • Must be Saudi
  • Over 20 years old
  • High school degree holder
  • Documents testifying to their “good behavior”
Seriously? Thank God I live in the U.A.E

PS: click here for an interesting blogpost about the Saudi Blogosphere
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