Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The new drive has the slogan “For Responsible and Committed Health Adverts”

Now the MOH (Ministry of Health) has really had enough!

They've decided to fight back... through campaigns

And they want the public to help them...hmmm

They don't want people to be decived by health related ads
(maybe these people should think before they bu y stuff and put s**T into their bodies)
The public should be educated as well in my opinion,

"In January this year the council began implementing its new system for licensing [Complementary and Alternative Medicine Council (CAM)]CAM professionals as part of its efforts to ensure high standards of health care."


*Image from : http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/archives/2006/Jul/ *

UAE tightens up advertising rules

The UAE National Media Council has joined the debate on medical advertising.

A warning against misleading medical advertisements has been issued

The Ministry of Health must now approve all health care advertisements

(aka. More paper work and more delays for everyone)

UAE firms need to adopt international advertising standard

*All this has been copy-pasted from the linked website* ;)

Copyright and regulation laws need to be adopted by firms in the UAE

Omar Kfoury, buying executive for OMD, said the fact that the IAA congress is being held in Dubai is proof that it has advanced in the media industry into becoming a hub.

The challenge for the UAE industry is to adapt to the local mentality. But on the whole, the industry is moving in the right direction, he said.

The most effective advertising is outdoor. Kfoury explains that this is due to the fact that people spend most of their time on the roads.

(YEAH! Stuck in TRAFFIC! ) ='(