Sunday, May 04, 2008

NASCAR Scratch-N-Sniff

Hello Everyone!
I know this isn't related to the UAE or Internet Marketing (well it is related to the net a bit cuz i found most of the info on other blogs) but this is MY blog and i'll post whatever I want to =P haha anyways:

Found something very interesting on the web the other day, NASCAR bringing racing to your home... well at least the smell of it.

A very interesting campaign, but with very bad targeting! One of the bloggers i've added in my links below said that he didn't even LIKE watching NASCAR... shame. Some ppl liked it some didn't. I think it's pretty cool and pretty creative, and if i was in the US and received a Scratch-N-Sniff of burnt tire rubber in my mail box, i'd definately be curious enough to go and experience the races myself for once.


Marketing research about living in the UAE

"A ... study ... shows more than 70 per cent of the people in the UAE are unhappy with work."

I think this is very disappointing, because so many people come to the UAE the build their dreams and their careers.

i myself wish to live and work here for the rest of my life but the problem is that employers generally do not care about employee happiness or welbeing, contracts are not consistent and pay is never enough thanks to the rising costs of living in the U.A.E.

Also, if anyone wishes to start up a company or business here the starting capital needed is so high that not everyone can pursue their dreams, which sucks because the UAE, esp. Dubai, is a land of innovation and the best place to implement creative ideas and innovations.

Why are you doing this to us Dubai WHY? =(