Thursday, May 27, 2010

BK using Nando's Technique - I like it!

Mariam Ghazi, an AUS Alumni, and facebook user posted this image on her blog. There's nothing like Online Media to spread new creative work through the UAE.

Here we see an open mouthed woman, facing a huge Burger King burger with huge copy saying " IT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY"

Now I don't know how "enlightened" you need to be to understand this. It could just be that the woman is in awe of how big and juicy the burger is... haha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grand Cinemas to screen live World Cup matches

Grand Cinemas has struck a deal with Al Jazeera, the exclusive broadcasters for World Cup games in the GCC, to show the tournament’s matches live on its cinema screens, Arabian Business has learnt.

Andy Fordham, project manager at Grand Cinemas, told Arabian Business that the UAE-based cinema operator plans to sell around 4,800 tickets per match throughout the tournament.

Prices will start at AED35 ($9.52) and will increase as the tournament progresses, with tickets for the final priced at AED100 ($27.22).

Packages for bulk and group bookings will also be available. Tickets are due to go on sale on June 2 and can be booked through the Grand Cinemas website.

The National Blog

The National Blog

PR firm finds 15 million people that haven't deleted their Facebook account
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Posted by: Tom Gara on May 24, 2010 1:04 PM
Tags: arab, facebook, social, SpotOn, Twitter

Spot On PR, who have done a good job positioning themselves as the go-to people for smart thoughts about Middle Eastern social media, have released a new study on Facebook in the region. (We have blogged about their useful twitter surveys in the past.)

Sure, the internet is going through a bit of a two minutes hate toward Facebook and its sketchy approach to privacy, and the site has already been banned in Pakistan due to the hosting of offensive cartoons. But it is important to remember that in the big picture, Facebook makes every other "big" thing - Twitter, the iPhone, Scandinavia, the airline industry - look positively tiny.

In the Middle East, the site is growing fast, but has not yet reached the email-like universal adoption found in Western markets - although it's only a matter of time. For now, 15 million people in the region are using the site, and the Dubai-based spin-doctors took a look of who they are and how you, oh Reputable Marketer, can bleed some money out of them.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks to SocialNetDaily on twitter.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

City of Life

The UAE'S Film industry is growing tremendously... but not as fast as it should when looking at other dubai-matic growth spurts. Finally, the world gets to see an excellent example of the genius of Emiratis....

City of Life is a (controversial?) movie about the lives of 3 different people in Dubai. A privileged Emirati, an air hostess and and cab driver. They all end up influencing each others lives in many ways however small they seem.

Directed by Ali F Mostafa. This movie has a brilliant (many brilliant) story lines, amazing scripts (3 languages are spoken in this movie English, Arabic and Hindi) , beautiful cinematiography, great soundtracks and brilliant editing. I really CANNOT describe how wonderful this movie is YOU MUST WATCH IT.

Its a brilliant brilliant movie, I have not seen such an inspirational, refreshing and relevent movie such as this one.

Its a must see. (and the Emirati actors are hooooooooooot)

Official site: