Sunday, January 09, 2011

I'm in the #MENA daily

So on Saturday morning I was browsing the net through my Blackberry, only to discover that I was mentioned in someone's tweet. Hopeing to God that it wasn't another one of those twitspams (Twitter spams ha-ha) that say something to the effect of " If your not making money out of Twitter click here" or " I can help you earn money through Twitter!", I clicked onto the button that would stop the incessant red light from blinking on my phone, accessed my Twitter through my BB App and saw the following:

The Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today by @ @

Obviously I was still skeptical, so I clicked on to the link to find out if this daily thing even existed. AND IT DID! Whoppeeeee. Now I have to make sure I keep tweeting relevant articles and maybe I'll be a regular! (I'm @squashedruby btw incase you didnt't know.... follow me!)

It's interesting to see a newsletter that is purely a coallation of Twitter updates tailored towards media and the MENA area. If you know of any more of these types of newsletters , or the programs they use to collect the data please let me know! Maybe I'll make my own one day!

You can check out The #MENA Daily here -->

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