Monday, June 23, 2008

Internship Cont.

So it's my third week at flip I really really like the people here but everyone's so busy with all their deadlines that they barely have time for me.
But they're really really really nice and very helpful when i ask them questions.
So... i've been going around asking random people if they've needed any help no matter how small (as long as bringing coffee wasnt involved)

- I've ended up editing this website's design on photoshop
- Doing QA (Quality Assurance) for this other website which was in Arabic so i had a great advantage helping them out there.
-I've done lots of screen shots and picture searching for them too lol which ,apparently, was a great help.

So yea, im still currently working on my own personal project in which i have to design my own site.

- It starts with a brief and creating my logo( upper right)

- Then the site map

- Then WIREFRAMES -the basic layout of the pages -Which as you all now know i hate. to do that I've been having to use this program called omnigraffle pro (which is good because now i at least have basic knowledge of it)

- After that - the fun part - the design =D


The cycle goes like this :


Basically. A website doesnt just stop at making it "live" (putting it out on the internet) you still have to fix the bugs and keep maintaining it.


I Hate them

They are the most annoying thing i've ever had to do

and redo

and redo

and redo

and redo

and redo


Sunday, June 15, 2008

A week's Internship @ Flip


Well i've done a week's worth of internship @ FlipMedia.
I've been given my own laptop to work own, An Email Address and A fingerprint to enter the workplace =P
Slowly but surely i'm learning more about website development and design.
I've learnt alot of new terminology like wireframes (basically the website layout)
And im trying to teach myself how to use Omni graffle Pro (as i was only given a tiny crash course on it)
To tell you the truth i was hoping to do alot more alot faster.
But anyways the people are nice and the workplace is as well.
Currently, i've been given a "project" in which i have to make my own website portfolio
So ive done a brief, a sitemap , and now im working on the wireframes.
I wish i had had to chance to have taken an advanced course in this stuff though!

Anyways, i am enjoying myself. 5 weeks left including this one.
I really really really wanna be able to learn news things. Fast. AND be given the chance to be helpful and productive. well i was able to once.

Yalla we'll see what happens!

More later =)

Friday, June 06, 2008



Been a long time since i posted anything, anyways i'm starting my internship this sunday =) 8/6/08 yaaay with Flip ---> for 6 weeks 8hrs a day

So yea i'm going to be under the supervison of the Creative director and im reallly looking forward to it!

I really really hope i get to learn new things and i hope i do my very best , i know ill try =)

Lets see if i can find work in august, or continue with Flip till then!

wish me luck!