Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Just last year, Outdoor advertising grew fastest, while print advertising came second and advertisements on television came third, according to Abdul Rehman Falaknaz, president of Falak Holding and international expo consultants.

The UAE Ad world was expanding its growth by 22%!

but thnx to those *Swear word plural* who helped speed up Mr Recession, it's now dropped by 14% according to the Pan Arab Research Center (PARC).

The drop was led by advertising in the property and financial services markets, which declined 60 per cent and 46 per cent respectively compared with last year. Advertising spending in the first quarter dropped 26 per cent in Arabic newspapers and 23 per cent in English newspapers. Magazines recorded a 4 per cent drop.

Another reason why it might have dropped is probably because...oh i dunno ... mayyyyybe its cuz no one's paying up! According to the IAA Advertising and media agencies operating in the UAE are owed about $150 million from the public and private sectors.

But the ADCCI seem to have a positive outlook expecting an 8% Increase...

Roller coaster ride anyone?$150_mln/Article.htm

Ad Medium Sence?

So Dubai thinks they can cut down their Ad budgets by using cheaper or free-er outlets like the Radio and PR press releases... Well it doesn't always work like that!

Different media vehicles tailor different audiences, different needs and different outcomes!

Fine. The success rates of most companies arent going up, but they aren't dropping either. I think people should give advertising more credit!

On another note... did you know that PR is 7 times more trusted than Advertising and that it's 4x more effective? *Insert swear word hear*