Sunday, December 12, 2010

Radio Ads in the UAE

Back in 2008, I wrote this "Region has bad radio ads" blogpost.

Looking back at that post, I still think that the U.A.E at least is lacking in the radio advertisement department. Though I must admit, it is incredibly difficult to come up with a good jingle, or a memorable advertisement in the U.A.E without insulting anyone or using any sexual innuendos.

Well, in the past few weeks, I have been unconsciously listening to this one particular ad and came to the conclusion that it was funny. YES funny! very entertaining and very memorable. (If any of you know which agency created this advert please let me know so I can contact them to get a sound clip up on the blog)

It goes something like this :

Dead pan 50's sounding male voice over
"We now bring you this announcement from Dr. Gustav schuhemburger"

Dr. Gustav (Heavy Albert Einstein type crazy doctor accent)
"In my experiments on the human brains reaction to the Splash Part sale I have found an AMAZING discovery"
"When you expose the cerebellum of the brain to the Splash part sale you get..."

Female voice


Dr. Gustav

"You see! but wait there's more! When you expose it to the Hypothalamus you get..."

Female Voice

"Whooo ohhhhh!"

Dr Gustav

"But the most AMAZING reaction is from the Medulla Oblongata..."

Female Voice(s) and Arabic drum beats
Arab female Za'3rata

ITS SOMETHING like that. It's the concept that is HILARIOUS. You must hear it. YOU MUST!
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