Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My all time fav tweeple to follow

Here are a few Tweeps I think everyone should follow, some are from the UAE some aren't .
Most of these tweeple are either interesting, informative or fun... but it's just my opinion. 
Follow them to find out why :) No hard feelings?

Media Tweeps:
Great for Social Media and Media in General.
Chatty Tweeps:
These are the most fun tweeps to chat to for a variety of reasons, you'll have to find out yourself.
Tweeps to watch:
These are great to watch, they're always posting funny /ironic one liners and get you going through the day.
Must read blogs, for media, photography, keeping you up to date or just witty commentaries.

Personally, I suck at #FF , because I'm generally not checking up on Twitter on fridays!
So I guess these are my all time #FF 's
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